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Weekly Lesson 2 Primary and Secondary Resources Cost $25.00
Primary and Secondary Resources Objectives: To learn to identify primary and secondary resources. Reading Read chapter two. Assignments Pract the Facts: Chicago Teachers Threaten A Strike in 2016 Read the quote and do in class research. Assignments: Short Essay 2 Discussion Questions Math Question Call To Action Comments challenge


Lesson 1...Pract The Facts....Cost $25.00
How Do I Pract The Facts? Objective In this session you will learn what it means to Pract The Facts. You will also review search techniques for the Internet. Reading Chapter 1. Read how to Pract The Facts. Read how to search the internet. Assignments: Introduce yourself to the class Review the welcome presentation and answer the question on the presentation. Pract The Facts: Has Barack Obama Done Enough For African Americans During His Presidency? Read the quote and do in class research. Short Essay Math Question Call To Action 2 Discussion Questions Social Media Challenge


Pract The Facts Lesson 3...What Divides Us. Cost $25.00
What Divides Us Learning Objectives: To review the organizations, views, and ideologies, that divide us in the U.S. Reading: Read Chapter 3 Assignments Pract The Facts: Hillary Clinton And The Basket Of Deplorables Read the quote and do in class research. Short Essay 2 Discussion Questions Math Question Call To Action Participate in Classroom Discussion One other assignment as assigned by the instructor.
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Affordable Health Care Act vs American Health Care Act Lesson Plan
In 2017 the Republican party in congress released their version of a health care plan which they thought would benefit the people in United States. The plan called the American Health Care Act was developed to replace the current health care plan in affect called Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act developed by the democrats. The plan put together by republicans trying to repeal the AHCA for more than 6 years presents them with the opportunity to do so. Content: PowerPoint presentation Quiz with essay questions


Syria...Should We Get Involved?

 In April of 2017 President Donald Trump authorized a U.S. military strike on a Syrian air field.  The strike was in response to the use chemical weapons by the Syrian government against Syrian rebels who have been fighting for years against the Syrian government and president Bashar Al-Assad. The use of military power by the government has reenergized thought of the U.S. going to war with Syria.  It has also sparked a long standing debate on whether we should be in another war in the middle east at all.  This course contains a PowePoint presentation and Quiz.